Sovereignty questions and answers

The world at large talks about the plan of “two states for two peoples” . Why is this a bad idea?
The Left has tried to sell us its dream of two states, but the further we have gone in this direction, the more painful was the price that we paid – increased terror, international isolation, economic damage, international pressures and more. Our willingness to make concessions has convinced the Arabs that with just a little more pressure, a little more terror and a few more threats, we will pack up and leave.
And more important: the idea of dividing the Land, which is promoted by the Left, has resulted in the people becoming divided and a serious withdrawal from the Zionist dream of Israel’s return to Zion and Jerusalem, the dream that has preserved the People of Israel during two thousand years of exile. 

The Arabs also claim that this is their land
So they make this claim… So what? It is the truth that we’re interested in and if anyone claims that the Land is his, he is invited to study  history and search the archaeological findings from the “Palestinian” kingdom, which was never here; they should ask the name of just one king of ancient “Palestine” in history, or at least tell us what coin was in use in ancient “Palestine”… ah, these things don’t exist? Right. Because they never had a state.
The historical truth is that the Arabs began to come to the Land of Israel from the entire Middle East only with the beginning of Zionism and within a short period of time they had adopted and invented for themselves a historical tradition to match to their political aspirations – the desire to expel us from here.   

And perhaps, despite the pain, if we want to make peace there is no choice but to divide the Land?
If we examine the facts carefully, without any false propaganda ,we see that the closer Israeli governments brought us to dividing the Land, with the Oslo Accords, with the expulsion from the Gaza Strip and other such steps,  the more death and bloodshed it has brought upon us. The enemy armed itself well and since he had not lost the hope of destroying us he then used this ammunition against us.
Moreover, none of us want to see a situation where there would be a threat of missiles at a distance of one and a half kilometers from Ben Gurion Airport, like the existing threat we are experiencing from Gaza; none of us want to see Jerusalem’s neighborhoods surrounded by an armed enemy, bent on doing evil. It is clear to any reasonable person that this will only lead to war. In no way will it lead to peace.
Okay. You have convinced me. The plan of two states for two peoples is dangerous and presents an existential danger to the State of Israel. So what do you suggest? 
Our forefathers taught us that it is not enough to turn away from evil. We must  also do good. So now that we have recovered from the delusional and dangerous idea of establishing a terror state in the heart of our Land, the time has come to take action and do the right thing – apply full Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and realize the dream that we have longed for these two thousand years, the dream that was promised to us in the vision of the prophets – to be a Jewish People in our Land, and in all of our Land and especially in the cradle of the People’s birthplace – Judea and Samaria.
And then what? We will apply sovereignty and then…? All of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria will be citizens? Will we become a bi-national state?
Before we alarm ourselves, let’s look into some of the suggested solutions to this (complex) matter: There is a plan for autonomy; there is a plan to grant the status of residency , which is not citizenship, to the Arabs of Judea and Samaria; there is the plan for a connection to Jordan and a few other creative plans, but one thing is clear: the difficulties entailed in applying sovereignty are nothing compared to the disaster that would ensue in the wake of having established a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land, and this no longer requires proof. It is enough to open your eyes and read the newspapers.
So what do we do?
First of all, we should not be afraid to say aloud – we demand Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, sovereignty that will restore faith, Zionism and security to this Land. We are discussing it, planning it, holding meetings about it and spreading the vision of the necessary change in policy – a return to Zionism, a return to sovereignty.